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Redding Model 3 Powder Measure with Both Chambers 03200R

Redding Model 3 Powder Measure with Both Chambers 03200R

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The original Redding Model 3, time proven for accuracy and reliability. It has a micrometer metering chamber right in front for easy setting and reading. With this micrometer it is possible to record your favorite settings and return to the same place weeks later when you wish to create the same load. Precision machined cast iron to give you years and years of service. The hand honed fit between the frame and hard surfaced drum enables all Redding Powder Measures to easily cut and meter even the most difficult powders. Features include: * Cast mounting bracket included with all Redding Powder Measures * Large capacity clear powder reservoir * Clear “See thru” drop tube accepts all calibers from .22 thru .50 cal * Body has standard 7/8”-14 thread to fit mounting bracket and optional bench stand with locking ring for fast dumping (Powder Measure Model 3K, includes both Metering Chambers (Rifle & Pistol

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